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    Verona sponsors Influencers Live Wrocław 2022!

    Agata Grysiak

    We are pleased to announce that we took part in the latest edition of Influencers LIVE Wrocław! This event was held on May 28-29 and consisted of a meeting of micro- and macro-influencers from all over Poland!

    The creators of the event rose to the occasion by organizing a series of discussion panels on topics important to each influencer. As part of the meeting, you could learn how to show your image on the web, what content to convey to fans, how to develop or how to establish cooperation - in general, how to start your profiles.


    We showed up there in order to establish new collaborations with influencers who could represent our brand in the future. We were interested in both macro- and micro-influencers with potential, ideas, interesting and original creators who know how to attract others - or were willing to learn it. As a brand that especially appreciates ambassadors in the form of influencers, we spend a lot of time getting to know new faces, with whom we will now talk about the terms and scope of future cooperation.


    Our stand promoting the Ingrid and Vittorio Bellucci brands aroused considerable interest as the only stand related to the beauty industry. We talked about our products, presenting aspects important to potential ambassadors - not only quality and appearance, but also issues such as creating cosmetics not tested on animals, organic or vegan. Each participant of the event could also try our products personally - smell them, touch them and check the consistency.



    We also conducted a competition in which you could win boxes with our cosmetics. The influencers were tasked with recording a story with our stand, as well as videos showing the make-ups created with Ingrid cosmetics. We awarded twenty of the most inventive and creative creators for posts with our brand mark. We also distributed boxes and individual cosmetics to other participants as a promotion and encouragement to cooperate!


    The whole event took place in Wrocław, in the Centennial Hall, where, apart from us and the influencers, many different companies participated in the meeting. Various entertainment was provided, incl. learning to take culinary photos and other activities that would be helpful in further developing cooperation channels and creating an influencer profile.


    Winners in the main show competition were also selected, covering a total of 12 primary categories and 3 additional categories (including lifestyle blogger, travel blogger). We also presented the winners of all competitions with packages with cosmetics of our brands.


    We hope to meet you again in the next edition of Influencers LIVE Wrocław, thank you for the time devoted to our brand and we look forward to great cooperation in the future!