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Foundation, 30 ml

EAN: 5902026632621, 5902026632638, 5902026632652, 5902026632645, 5902026661584

Ideal Matt is a double-working foundation that deliver a matte skin effect and ensures the optimum moisturisation level. The foundation evens the skin colour and masks all imperfections. The product has a light, silky formula.

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Product description

Ideal Matt is a mineral foundation combining the effect of perfectly matte skin with excellent moisturising. The unique formula of natural ingredients absorbs excess of sebum and controls its secretion. Mineral Complex effectively smoothes the skin, stimulates its renewal and protects against free radicals. Natural moisturising factor creates a protective film that prevents water loss, protecting the skin from drying out. Modern pigments even the skin tone and effectively hide imperfections without straining. The light, velvety consistency does not clog the pores and allows the skin to breathe. The foundation provides a long-lasting matte makeup finish. Inhibits shining. Recommended for all skin types, especially oily skin. Contains SPF. Effect: Perfectly mattified and moisturised skin for several hours, without any imperfections.

The product is available in 5 shades:

• 300 Ivory

• 300A Light Nude

• 301 Buff

• 302 Light Sun

• 303 Dark Natural