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    New colours of the best-selling Mermaid Glow collection are now available in the Rossmann drugstore chain

    Maciej Kozłowski

    The best-selling Mermaid Glow collection from Ingrid Cosmetics has won the hearts of thousands of customers with its unique colors and the glow of shimmering particles. Mermaid products are not leaving Rossmann's shelves, and among them new gems have been released – a limited edition, presenting new shades of cosmetics.

    Mermaid Glow Feel Eyeshadow Palette - golden shades of warm sand combined with muted brown create a harmonious combination for glamorous eye makeup. The elegant glow effect brightens the eyelid, emphasizing the eye and visually enlarging it. The universal eyeshadow formula makes them equally perfect for use as a highlighter.

    The new year brings a return to vintage baby doll makeup, distinguished by a radiant sheen and emphasized rosy shades on the lips and cheeks. Mermaid Glow Love Rouge is a blush with a delicate glow that seamlessly fits into this trend. The coral shade adds definition to the face, pulling out warm tones and brightening the complexion.

    The last two products in the Limited Edition Mermaid Glow from Ingrid Cosmetics are universal Top Coat glitters that can be used in various ways - for eye makeup, highlighting the face, and accentuating different parts of the body. Top Coat I Want It All is a diamond shine, perfect for bold styles in cool shades, as well as a subtle glass skin look. Top Coat Make it Gold is a traditional glam look, shimmering with gold particles, whose warm glow will accentuate the colors of makeup and complete any luxurious look.

    The products from the Limited Edition Ingrid Mermaid Glow are a response to the latest trends of the new year, dominated by the sparkling glow effect of glitter. The functionality and versatility of the cosmetics make them suitable in many different ways and in various original combinations. Available at Rossmann drugstores, they are waiting for bargain hunters and fans of the bestselling Ingrid Cosmetics line.