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    New shimmering body mists by Vollare Cosmetic - the glow effect smelling of coconut and the tropics

    Karolina Stobiecka

    Can shimmer have a scent? Vollare Cosmetics prove that it’s possible. The new shimmering body mists bring the tropics and summer vibe to mind, providing the skin with a diamond-like glowing effect.

    The new illuminating body mists by Vollare Cosmetic – the scent of carefree time

    The Polish cosmetic brand Vollare Cosmetics set a goal to seize the smell of summer and close it in bottles shimmering with illuminating particles. They made it and achieved the Wow effect! The new recently launched shimmering body mists offer aromatics scents and encapsulate the summer atmosphere, full of joyful moments and the pleasantly warm climate of a paradise island.

    The illuminating fragrance mists by Vollare Cosmetics are available in two aromatic variants: Tropical and Coconut. The Tropical Mist delights with a vibrant fusion of papaya and avocado. The brand has composed the other variant, the Coconut Mist, for the fans of the senses-awakening coconut. Both compositions guarantee a boost of positive energy and invigorate after only one scoosh of these fragrant body mists.

    New fragrance mists by Vollare Cosmetics provide more than just marvellous, exotic scents. They also captivate with a beautiful glowing effect, thanks to which the skin appears wonderfully shimmering in the rays of sunshine.


    The multi-purpose formula of new shimmering fragrance mists by Vollare

    The Tropical and Coconut Mists share the same unique formula composed to meet a few needs at once. Thanks to it, the new shimmering body mists by Vollare are an excellent choice regardless of the season.

    The mists promise a pleasant refreshing effect thanks to the gentle, alcohol-free formula. On hot summery days, it is especially important as we seek refreshment and light, soothing cosmetics. Vollare’s experts enriched the formula of both mists with hyaluronic acid, which offers skin’s comfort replenishment and optimum hydration. 

    The invigorating scents of the Coconut and Tropical Body Mists were designed to delight regardless of the season. Thanks to the enchanting combination of exotic notes, they will perfectly complete your summertime. However, you will also appreciate their fruity accords in winter, when they will effectively cheer up grey, cloudy days. The shimmering body mists by Vollare Cosmetics are a ray of sunshine mixed with the smell of exotic fruits captured and closed in a handy bottle.

    Aside from the invigorating scents, both body mists also promise a phenomenal luminous effect on skin thanks to millions of pearly shining particles.


    Exotic mists by Vollare Cosmetics – various needs, one product

    The Coconut and Tropical Body Mists have been designed to delight Customers on many levels of their anticipation. Both scents tempt with fragrant notes that are hardly possible to resist. The brand steps in the direction of various Customers’ needs, offering two separate compositions. The body mists also work to please all aficionados of the shimmering effect with heavenly illumination and glow. The light, hydrating and reviving formula will delight all those desiring to experience a pleasurably invigorating scoosh on scorching days.



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