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    Lip gloss, 8 ml

    EAN: 5902026667500, 5902026667517, 5902026667524, 5902026667531, 5902026667548, 5902026665537, 5902026665544

    Shiny Lips lip gloss is a cosmetic with a gel consistency that gives gloss and delicate color to the lips, gently enlarging them optically. The formula also contains caring ingredients.

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    Product description

    The formula of the Shiny Lips lip gloss, prepared by the best professionals in the cosmetics industry, contains precious oils - e.g. castor, sunflower seeds or coconut. They ensure proper hydration of the lips, prevent drying out and create a protective layer on the lips. The lip gloss does not leave a sticky feeling and is extremely easy to apply. Its smooth texture with glitter particles leaves a silky softness on the lips and optically enlarges them. The lip gloss has a soothing scent with a hint of vanilla, which leaves a pleasant feeling of freshness for many hours.

    The lip gloss is available in 7 different colors:

    • Shiny Lips 01 lip gloss

    • Shiny Lips 02 lip gloss

    • Shiny Lips 03 lip gloss

    • Shiny Lips 04 lip gloss

    • Shiny Lips 05 lip gloss

    • Shiny Lips 06 lip gloss

    • Shiny Lips 07 lip gloss