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    Matte Lipstick, 8 ml

    EAN: 5902026667456, 5902026667463, 5902026667470, 5902026667487, 5902026667494, 5902026668286, 5902026668293

    Matt Lips Lipstick is a semi-matte liquid lipstick with intense pigmentation and a long-lasting formula. Available in seven colors.

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    Product description

    Thanks to the innovative Matt Lips formula, the color stays on the lips for many hours, is smudge-proof, and the convenient applicator facilitates accurate application. The lipstick does not create a "shell" effect on the lips, which is often appreciated by customers. Lipsticks have a caring formula that protects lips from drying out, moisturizes and nourishes them for the entire time of wearing the cosmetic.

    The lipstick is available in 7 colors:

    • Matt Lips 01 lipstick

    • Matt Lips 02 lipstick

    • Matt Lips 03 lipstick

    • Matt Lips 04 lipstick

    • Matt Lips 05 lipstick

    • Matt Lips 06 lipstick

    • Matt Lips 07 lipstick