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    Foundation, 30 ml

    EAN: 5902026690386, 5902026690393, 5902026690409, 5902026690416, 5902026690423

    The Ideal Cover Mattifying Foundation is a product that provides a perfectly matte complexion and, at the same time, perfectly moisturizes the skin of the face.

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    Product description

    The Ideal Cover Mattifying Foundation formula from Ingrid is based on natural ingredients that absorb excess sebum and control its secretion. Thanks to this, the face skin remains matte for many hours. The light, velvety consistency of the foundation makes it non-comedogenic and allows the skin to breathe freely. Therefore, even with daily use, it does not worsen the skin's condition. Ideal Cover Mattifying Foundation has a soothing effect on the skin and ensures optimal hydration.

    The product is available in 5 shades: • 400 Ivory • 401 Nude • 402 Natural Beige • 403 Beige • 404 Tan