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    Eye cream, 15 ml

    EAN: 5902026680684

    Smoothing eye cream Detox Anti-pollution from Ingrid Cosmetics is a revolutionary product that visibly rejuvenates the skin, preventing the formation of mimic wrinkles.

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    Product description

    Thanks to the use of tetrapeptide, the moisturizing and smoothing eye cream Detox Anti-pollution from Ingrid Cosmetics reduces the depth of existing wrinkles and prevents the formation of new ones. In addition, it removes signs of fatigue and reduces dark circles around the eyes, making the skin look more rested and healthy. Its innovative formula has also been enriched with activated carbon, which absorbs any impurities, such as dust or smoke, protecting the skin against their harmful effects. In addition, the red algae used in the cosmetic firms the skin and ensures its proper tension. The highest quality ingredients were used in the production of Detox Anti-pollution to ensure the best skin care that will satisfy even the most demanding customers.