Whitening face cream for night, 50 ml

EAN: 5902026647427

The Provi White whitening night creme reveals a unique illuminating complex that works to reduce the appearance of discolourations and freckles. The cream offers a deep regeneration of the epidermis at nighttime.

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Product description

The intensely whitening night cream from the Provi White line by Vollare Cosmetics with a unique illuminating complex reduces the appearance of discolourations and marks of different origin. Soothes the complexion and noticeably diminishes the appearance of freckles. The cream defies wrinkles and improves the skin's resilience, promising deep regeneration and hydration. It also boosts the regeneration of the epidermis while sleeping when the cell renewal process is the most intensive and the epidermis absorbs replenishing ingredients most effectively. The bioactive Prive White™ complex is a modern formula that combats pigmentation by reducing the melanin production. Effectively brightens and improves the skin tone.