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    Vittorio Bellucci - Fragrances, eau de toilette and eau de parfum from the sheer heart of Europe

    Karolina Stobiecka

    The Polish perfume brand Vittorio Bellucci combines the most desired characteristics that Consumers look for in fragrances. Unique scent compositions, charmingly elegant vials, the trendiest design, and wallet-friendly prices continuously tempt and seduce more and more perfumes aficionados.

    Vittorio Bellucci – a Polish perfume brand based on passion and experience

    Vittorio Bellucci was established by Verona Products Professional, a Polish cosmetic manufacturer who has been specialising in perfumery for a decade now. The brand was inspired by the manufacturer’s passion for the beauty and diversity that characterises men’s and women’s fragrances. This continual love for beautiful scents synergises with the knowledge and experience of Verona’s experts engaged in each of the production stages. From the very beginning, the goal was to aim at the high quality and unique compositions captured in elegant bottles and modern, trendy packaging.

    The scents offered by Vittorio Bellucci stand out thanks to their diversity and the bounty of compositions. The manufacturer continuously steps in the direction of Customers’ needs and dreams. The Vittorio Bellucci brand’s evolution dynamics is directly proportional to the speed at which Customers’ needs change. The eau de toilette and eau de parfum sprays offered by Vittorio Bellucci are also the answer to the currently hottest trends in the world. Our specialists indefatigably chase them to be able to provide you with the trendiest scents all the time.

    The philosophy of this Polish perfume brand has always been based on experience, passion and love for alluring scents and trends. The success of this unique combination is reflected in the Customers’ trust we have gained in Europe, Asia and the Middle East.


    Vittorio Bellucci Exclusive Perfume and Vittorio Bellucci Fragrance

    The brand offers two unique perfume lines, and thanks to this diversity, all Customers’ are sure to find their dreamed scents with us.

    Vittorio Bellucci Fragrance is a promise of unique eau de toilette sprays for every day. Attractive prices and beautiful aroma compositions make these fragrances a perfect choice for any occasion.

    Vittorio Bellucci Exclusive Perfume guarantees the top quality that will meet even the most demanding Clients' highest expectations. The elegant vials, enticing compositions and excellent quality gain more and more fans year after year.


    The philosophy of Vittorio Bellucci, the perfume brand straight from Poland

    All the eau de parfum and eau de toilette sprays that we offer have been designed especially for our Customers, considering their needs, emotions, everyday life and memorable moments. Therefore, each of our fragrances is different from the rest and tells a separate, unique story.

    In both lines that we offer, Vittorio Bellucci Exclusive Perfume and Vittorio Bellucci Fragrance, you will explore a rich offer of scents for men and women. Some of these fragrances are the embodiment of feminine gentleness and subtlety, whereas others have been created for self-confident and determined women who clearly state their goals. Men’s fragrances are also characterised by richness and diversity. In our offer, men will discover eau de toilette and eau de parfum sprays made to boost self-esteem, give confidence and invigorate for the upcoming day, as well as fragrances composed to deliver power and the sense of masculinity.

    The scents offered in Vittorio Bellucci’s lines will bring back the lovely memories you cherish and accompany you while creating new ones. We are sure that you will find the one for you among all our fragrances, the one that will be the reflection of your unique personality. It might be the scent to make you feel beautiful, voluptuous or self-confident; the choice here is only yours.


    How do the eau de toilette and eau de parfum sprays by Vittorio Bellucci come to life?

    The scents that we offer captivate and entice all the senses. However, that would never be possible without the diligence and conscientiousness with which Verona’s experts approach the perfume production process. Before the fragrance finds itself in your hands, there is a string of steps that need to be painstakingly taken.

    The aromas that we use for the manufacture of fragrances by Vittorio Bellucci come mainly from France, and they have been composed by the best perfume experts who have been specialising in it for decades.

    The process of production is complicated and time-consuming. Firstly, the compositions have to mature for weeks and undergo a filtration process. Next, all scents have to achieve a positive note in the quality audit. Only after meeting all these requirements can they be labelled as ready to set off for a journey at the end of which there is you. Once you acquire the scent, it will instantly amaze you, ready to captivate your senses day after day.


    If you are a business client and wish to collaborate with Vittorio Bellucci or Verona Products Professional, the manufacturer, visit the Contact page.