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    The comeback of timeless grey colour encapsulated in the new eyeshadow palette by Ingrid Cosmetics

    Karolina Stobiecka

    Shades of grey are back in the fashion world and on catwalks. Finding them in chemist’s might be kind of a challenge, so Ingrid Cosmetics took a step in the direction of Customers’ needs launching a brand-new, eye-catching eyeshadow palette. Unique grey tones met the trendiest design and a completely new quality of the eyeshadows. You have to discover the Shades of Gray eyeshadow palette.

    The Shades of Gray eyeshadow palette is a long-desired answer given by Ingrid Cosmetics to the needs of all those Customers passionate about following the latest trends. The eyeshadow palette was inspired by the colours Pantone has selected for the year 2021. Right now, the timeless grey colour and all its tones are in the spotlight, just like decades ago. However, the grey colour does not equal boredom at all. Instead, we juxtapose grey tones with contrasting colours to achieve fresh and unusual combinations drawing attention from miles away. Passing by them indifferently is simply unfeasible.

    As long as grey shades got appreciated by beauty experts and hit the scene in the fashion world, chemists’ still don’t have much to offer in this sphere. That’s astonishing, taking into consideration how enthusiastic makeup fans are about experimenting with trends and new arrivals. For all these reasons, Ingrid Cosmetics has launched a combination of iconic grey shades, a variety that will amaze all generations of makeup aficionados.

    The Shades of Gray eyeshadow palette is a continuation of the #IngridTrends series and was preceded by the revolutionary Foxy Eyes palette designed for all the fans of foxy eye makeup.


    What will you discover inside the Shades of Gray eyeshadow palette?

    The Shades of Gray palette offers a remarkable set of ten different tones. Half of them are highly pigmented matte eyeshadows, and the others are mega shiny ones. The brand amazed everyone with a beautiful combination of grey shades and proposed an admirable new quality of the eyeshadows, which promises a remarkable effect, phenomenal shine, and easy application. The eyeshadows blend and smudge effortlessly, making them a perfect choice for beginners to the makeup world.

    Those who have just started their new makeup passion will appreciate how exceptionally the set of grey shades has been tailored. The subtle shades closed in the palette promise a delicate look for every day. Apart from them, you will also discover deep tones and spectacular shiny toppers that will meet all the expectations holden by professional makeup artists. The Shades of Gray is simply the promise everyone was awaiting!

    The Shades of Gray eyeshadow palette also amazes with its versatility. You will quickly create a delicate day look and dazzling, sensual evening makeup. The shades closed in the palette are also perfectly suitable for glamorous wedding makeup. These opportunities are now closer than ever thanks to the grey colour that matches other shades so easily. Mix the Shades of Gray eyeshadows with the remaining palettes offered by Ingrid Cosmetics and discover how beautifully they correspond.


    Shades of Gray promises the advanced design that can’t be passed unnoticed

    The latest eyeshadow palette launched by Ingrid fascinates with a timeless combination of iconic grey tones. However, not only the eyeshadows amaze in this new product. The box in which the shadows are closed also drags the attention of everyone. The handy and convenient-to-use box wrapped with a modern design inspired by the trends of the year makes the Shades of Gray the best choice for even the most demanding Clients.


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