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    The Bali collection by Ingrid Cosmetics encapsulating holidays on a paradise island

    Karolina Stobiecka

    Ingrid proves that the atmosphere of the summer holidays spent on a tropical island can be there for us regardless of the time and place. Pleasurably moisturised skin, exotic colours, sun-kissed skin and multidimensional shimmer are all captured in the Bali collection.

    The Bali collection symbolises tropical holidays, bringing to mind hot days spent watching the azure ocean waves while sitting in the shadow of a rustling palm tree. This collection was designed to uplift you, awaken all senses, relax and invigorate. Bali by Ingrid is like the sunny side of your personality that you can summon whenever you want it.

    It reveals two eyeshadow palettes, a shimmering palette, a bronzing palette, three makeup boosters and three liquid highlighters. All the cosmetics by Ingrid are cruelty-free, and those from the Bali collection are additionally vegan.


    The eyeshadow palettes in the colours of paradise flowers and crystal clear ocean waters

    The Bali collection by Ingrid offers two eyeshadow palettes, characterised by a pleasant consistency that makes the eyeshadows long-wear and easy to apply. Their iridescence catches the eye, just like the highly pigmented mattes and pearly shimmers. Both eyeshadow palettes include classically basic shades and more distinctive tones. Such a combination guarantees that you will create all looks you dream of; subtle everyday makeup, a bolder summery look and a magnetic evening one.

    The eyeshadow palettes from the Bali collection are called Hibiscus and Blue Lagoon. The Hibiscus palette was inspired by the beautiful colours of hibiscus flowers that indispensably associate exoticism and a relaxing atmosphere. The Blue Lagoon eyeshadow palette embodies a remote lagoon, interchangeably glimmering with the shades of blue and gold, magnifying and fascinating.


    The highlighting palette and the bronzing palette

    Aside from the eyeshadow palettes, the brand also proudly offers two more sets: highlighting and bronzing, both referring to the same atmosphere of exotic holidays and bringing a sun-kissed skin look to mind.

    The vegan shimmering palette has two shades to offer: the first one is rosy gold, and the other one is beige. Using them together or separately each time produces a spectacular glow effect, making the skin remarkably shimmer in the rays of sunshine. You can use the highlighters in many different ways, applying them on the eyelids, your face, or selected body parts, such as the chest. The formula is additionally enriched with a moisturising glycyrrhiza extract.

    The highlighting palette makes a perfect duo with two bronzers closed in one box. The first one offers a matte shade, and the second one shimmers like gold. They both effectively accentuate facial features, providing the skin with the sun-kissed effect. In addition, Ingrid experts enriched their formula with walnut shell extract, which improves the skin tone.


    Liquid highlighters with a lightweight formula

    In the Bali collection, you will also discover liquid highlighters in three different colour variants. All of them have a lightweight formula that provides the skin with a beautiful, natural glow. Fitted with a comfortable-to-use pipette, they are easy to apply, perfectly matching other cosmetics, such as face creams, foundations and concealers.


    Three types of boosters – first skincare step in your makeup routine

    Ingrid's Bali focuses on makeup and skincare all at once, as we believe that they can go hand in hand. The proof for that is the three boosters created to prepare skin for applying makeup products and answer individual skin needs.

    The bamboo makeup booster is targeted at combination and oily skin types, which have a tendency to excessive shine and enlarged pores. The formula of this booster is enriched with a bamboo extract that holds mattifying properties.

    The citrus booster meets all the needs of dull skin that requires regeneration and nourishment. Thanks to the content of citrus extracts, the booster energises and helps the skin appear more radiant, defying the skin ageing process. The formula offers 99,42% of natural-origin ingredients.

    For dry skin, the brand has designed the aloe booster, in whose formula there is 98,51% of ingredients of natural origin. This variant is also enriched with an aloe extract that effectively hydrates the skin, nourishing and soothing it.


    The Bali collection by Ingrid Cosmetics embodies the summer captured and closed in eye-catching vegan cosmetics that you can reach for whenever you wish to find yourself on a paradise beach and feel the rays of sunshine on your skin.


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