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    New Beauty Shine lip glosses by Vollare Cosmetics – pleasurable moisturisation and a stunning gloss

    Karolina Stobiecka

    Lips love being moisturised, and makeup loves distinctive lips! The experts of Vollare Cosmetics, a Polish cosmetic brand, are well aware of it. Therefore, they have designed new lip glosses called Beauty Shine, available in seven irreplaceable colours.

    Beauty Shine lip glosses – maximum shine and perfect colours

    The lip glosses recently launched by Vollare combine all the features that Customers look for in lip cosmetics. First, they deliver an unearthly shine, thanks to which the lips appear juicier than ever before. Second, the gloss formula is enriched with castor oil that works to nurture the sensitive skin of the lips and prevent a dry feel. This way, these products provide two benefits at once: a gorgeous gloss and a pleasurable hydration effect that the lips need regardless of the season.

    The formula of the new lip glosses by Vollare Cosmetics is vegan and cruelty-free. It promises an aromatic, vibrant peach scent that awakens all senses.

    The Beauty Shine lip glosses are available in seven colours, all of which are a total must-have for all makeup fans, whether they are beginners or experts.


    Seven colours of the Beauty Shine glosses by Vollare Cosmetics – ideal every day

    The Beauty Shine series offers seven unique lip glosses. Each one has an inimitable shade, perfectly matching all the looks of which you can think. Thanks to this diversity, versatility and wide range of colours, every makeup fan will discover their favourite gloss here.

    • Gold Promise – subtle shine and almost transparent formula make a perfect choice for every single day
    • Sweety – elegant fusion of nude and pink designed particularly for all those who have delicate looks
    • Princess Pink – girly shade and eye-catching gloss in one
    • Looking Good – a colour that makes the lips seem as juicy as you can imagine
    • Love Spell – a distinctive, feminine colour, perfect for self-confident and determined women
    • Smoked Fiolet – unusual tone, perfectly suitable for all those who like surprising accents in their makeup
    • Hot Chocolate – a variant made for the fans of timeless nude shades


    Should you want to check how the Beauty Shine glosses look on lips, watch our video on TikTok here.


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