Matt lipstick, 4,5 ml

EAN: 5902026677943, 5902026677820, 5902026677844, 5902026677905, 5902026677882, 5902026677929, 5902026677868

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Product description

Satin Lips non-transfer lipstick indulges the lips with an exceptionally long-lasting matte finish effect. It offers a spectacular lip shape accentuation for a voluptuous look in the colour of a timeless nude shade, perfectly matching all looks. The lipstick amazes with a formula enriched with nurturing ingredients and a precise applicator that metamorphoses the application into a moment full of pleasure and feminine energy.

The Satin Lips lipstick is available in seven unique nude shades: Classic Nude, Fudge Nude, Violet Kiss, Deep Nude, Cherry Chocolate, Creme de la Creme and Dirty Rose.