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    TEAM X is a group of young Polish influencers who have conquered the Internet with their unmistakable style, personality and a message about freedom, individualism and praise for the joy of life that is friendly to the young generation. In cooperation with the Ingrid Cosmetics brand, they created a collection of fragrances for women and men; fresh, interesting concepts that will interest both the conservative and the adventurous client.

    It is worth getting acquainted with, particularly the offer of perfumed waters aimed at men - it is unique on the market and will be a valuable addition to the store shelf. Young men and teenagers more and more often reach for fragrances dedicated to their target group and, as a constantly growing group of buyers, demand innovation, breaking of the rules and new, surprising offers from producers. The TEAM X collection created in cooperation with Ingrid Cosmetics meets this demand. Both fragrances radiate curiosity and sensuality at the same time, complementing each other and sharing a joyful aura.


    TEAM X Day Eau de Parfum for men; a wind of novelties and changes

    TEAM X Day Eau de Parfum for men is an original composition with a semi-unisex scent. The fragrance is perfect for work, school or university. Fruity notes are intertwined with spicy ones, creating a specific, stereotype-breaking fragrance for the day. Inspired by the energy of TEAM X, this subtly addictive Eau de Parfum enlivens the senses. It is a modern interpretation of masculinity - one that does not fear compromises, tears and emotions. A real fragrance of the young generation, who will appreciate its simplicity and openness to new experiences and concepts. With TEAM X Day Eau de Parfum for men, who you are not is who you are not going to pose as.

    Base notes: amber, leather, wood notes, Indian patchouli.

    Head notes: red mandarin, grapefruit, mint.

    Heart notes: cinnamon, rose, spicy notes.


    TEAM X Night Eau de Parfum for men; an evening fragrance for a confident young man

    The TEAM X Night Eau de Parfum for men invites you to an evening adventure and anything can happen. Brown sugar dances with vanilla and musk to send a clear signal: it's time for seduction. The fragrance has been captured in a modern frozen glass bottle, on which the mirror print allows you to look inside yourself. Thick, sensual, discovering the wild nature of youthful infatuation, the TEAM X Night aroma is a proposal for young men who are just discovering their style, experimenting with it and are ready to try many different styles before they find the one, unique and perfect. The TEAM X Night Eau de Parfum for men will help you navigate the meanders of male aesthetics in the 21st century.

    Base note: amber, vanilla, blackthorn, musk.

    Head notes: bergamot, pink grapefruit, apple.

    Heart Notes: patchouli, brown sugar.


    TEAM X Eau de Parfum; instant bestseller!

    TEAM X eaus de parfum for men is a set that can be an attractive gift for a special occasion; birthdays, holidays, anniversaries. They will be an interesting, distinctive product, especially due to their intensive promotion in social media and connection with influencers recognizable by adolescents and young adults, regardless of whether they will be sold as a set or as separate fragrances.

    Both of the eau de parfum for men have been created in line with the current trends and are a perfect competition for many fragrances from the higher price ranges.

    Agata Grysiak

    Graduate of the Faculty of Psychology at the University of Warsaw, a marketing specialist, and a copywriter with over a decade of experience; passionate about the history of fashion and strongly believes that lazy people will conquer the world because they will find the simplest solution to every problem. Privately a fan of retro style, medical soaps and the works of J.R.R. Tolkien.

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