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    Products from the best-selling TEAM X and Lexy collections on displays in Lidl

    Maciej Kozłowski

    Products from the best-selling collections, created with the most famous Polish influencers - the TEAM X group and Lexy - from March 13, 2023, are available on specially prepared displays in Lidl stores throughout Poland.

    The Lidl chain of stores is one of the largest and most recognizable retail brands in Poland. Thanks to continuous investments in the development of its outlets, Lidl has become a leader in the sale of groceries and more. In response to the growing customer demand for high-quality cosmetics, Lidl has also launched an offer of Ingrid Cosmetics products.

    Ingrid Cosmetics is a cosmetic brand from Verona Products Professional, which has been recognized by customers from all over the world for years. The products of this brand are characterized by high quality and effectiveness. The brand's offer includes make-up, face and body care cosmetics.


    The introduction of Ingrid Cosmetics products to the stands in the Lidl chain of stores is an important element in the company's development and expansion on the Polish market. Thanks to this, customers will be able to choose from an even wider range of top-quality cosmetics.

    The Lexy x Ingrid Collection

    The Lexy x Ingrid cosmetics collection is a unique combination of the latest trends, the extraordinary strength of the community and Lexy's passion for cosmetics and the experience of the best experts in the beauty industry. The collection consists of a variety of color and make-up cosmetics that have been developed to meet the needs of women of all ages. All products combine natural ingredients and modern technologies.

    The following appeared on the stands in Lidl:

    • Lexy Cupcake Lip Gloss
    • Lexy Mohito lip gloss
    • Lexy Pina Colada Lip Gloss
    • Lexy Sunrise Lip Gloss
    • Pen eyeliner Lexy black
    • Lexy eyelash serum
    • Lexy Modeling mascara


    TEAM X x Ingrid collection

    The TEAM X cosmetics collection from Ingrid Cosmetics is a best-selling set of high-quality make-up products, which was created in cooperation with the most recognizable Polish influencers from the TEAM X group, loved by the youngest customers

    The following appeared on the stands in Lidl:

    • Pinky TEAM X blush
    • Bronzer Woods TEAM X
    • Glow up TEAM X highlighter