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    Makeup trends 2022 with Verona Products Professional products

    Agata Grysiak

    Spring is coming with ever greater steps, and with it the makeup trends for the first half of 2022. Designers have launched a few looks, which, as usual, will become an inspiration for your clients' purchases; it's time to ensure that they find products on store shelves that will allow them to recreate the latest trends.

    Graphic eyeliner



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    Graphic eyeliner is a creative trend that encourages drawing more complex lines than the usual cat's eye curl. Blue, pink, glitter and fluorescent eyeliners, presented at fashion shows and adorning the eyes of famous celebrities, also conquer YouTube and Instagram, i.e. the natural environment of make-up influencers and professional make-up artists. No colour is unwelcome here, so fans of more colourful make-up experiment with a whole rainbow of shades and finishes: matte, vinyl, shimmering and even glittery.


    Verona Products Professional products:


    Ingrid Cosmetics - Eyeliner Pina (Violet), Ingrid Cosmetics - Eyeliner (Niebieski), Ingrid Cosmetics - Eyeliner (Liliowy), Ingrid Cosmetics - Eyeliner Pina (Rose Gold), Ingrid Cosmetics - Eyeliner Pina (Pink)


    Metallic and glitter eye makeup - back to the 90s



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    A 90s makeup trend that we'd love to reintroduce into our routine in 2022. From pale blues to sparkling purples and sparkling whites, and an array of pastel shades, metallic eye shadows will instantly brighten your makeup. On the other hand, glitters perfectly refer to the currently fashionable aesthetics of Euphoria. Make-up artist Doniella Davy, the visionary responsible for the mesmerizing moments of glittering beauty in this cult series, has combined make-up straight from Spice Girls music videos with burlesque shine, creating an entirely new trend.

    Verona Products Professional products:


    Vollaré Cosmetics - Cień do powiek Vulcano no. 7,  Vollaré Cosmetics - Cień do powiek Star Dust no. 10, . Ingrid Cosmetics - Paleta cieni Miracle (kolory WOW, CRYSTAL, SCORPIO, MEGA), Ingrid Cosmetics - Paleta cieni do powiek Pina (kolory Bling Bling, $$$, Spicy), Ingrid Cosmetics - Sypkie brokatowe pigmenty do powiek Golden Glam, Holomaniac i Ultra Violet

    Intense blusher



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    This year we are blushing not with shame, but with pride! Intense blush is not only a cute dot on the tip of an e-girl nose, but also the healthy glow of sun-kissed skin. 2022 is a year of gradual return from a pandemic reality, enjoying waking up time to meet friends and celebrate the joy of life. Peach, raspberry, peony, powder, salmon - each of them is welcome, as long as it is clearly enough emphasized.

    Verona Products Professional products:

    Vollaré Cosmetics - Róż do policzków Sweet Coral, Shiny Rose i Matt Peach, Ingrid Cosmetics - Róż Candy Boom Juicy Sorbet, Ingrid Cosmetics Sauté Carrot Cool, Vollaré Cosmetics - Róż do policzków Raspberries and Cream 01 i 02, Ingrid Cosmetics Paleta Ideal Face Contouring.