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    Ingrid Cosmetics x TEAM X – the collection that hit the scene on the very first day!

    Karolina Stobiecka

    The latest collection launched by Ingrid Cosmetics in collaboration with TEAM X, a group of popular influencers, went on sale at the beginning of May and hit the scene, delighting makeup fans of all generations. The bestselling collection sold out in no time to leave the followers of TEAM X impatiently awaiting the next drop.

    Ingrid Cosmetics – who is the brand’s target group?

    Ingrid Cosmetics is a Polish brand created by the manufacturer Verona Products Professional. Ingrid offers such a vast diversity of inspirational products that no makeup or skincare aficionados are ever left unsatisfied. Among other advantages, the brand is characterised by high quality, correspondence with the hottest trends, and modern formulas never tested on animals. Ingrid was set up especially for all those who love taking care of themselves and experimenting with makeup, regardless of their skills. The brand offers products for both professional makeup artists and enthusiastic beginners. All the compositions and recipes are made by experts with over twenty years of experience and then manufactured in the producer’s private factory based near Warsaw, the capital city of Poland. Once the production is complete, all products undergo a series of quality tests. Each cosmetic is also dermatologically tested.


    The collection by TEAM X and Ingrid Cosmetics – what does it offer?

    The collection is the outcome of Ingrid’s collaboration with the girls from TEAM X and makes sixteen unique makeup cosmetics based on formulas suitable for vegans and not tested on animals. Each of these new arrivals is entirely different from the rest, but all of them will be perfectly suitable for both classic day makeup and special occasions. In the collection, the fans of TEAM X will discover four highly pigmented eyeshadow palettes, three satin-finished lipsticks, five shimmering lip glosses, two contour palettes with universal shades, illuminating makeup base and a sensational, intensely blue mascara.


    Cosmetics by Natalia Natsu Karczmarczyk

    Natalia Natsu Karczmarczyk decided that her cosmetics would encapsulate elegance and femininity, closed in pink shades. As a result, the products amaze with the subtle combination of neutral colours and eye-catching shine, making a perfect choice for every look, whether it is classic makeup or one for more important occasions.


    Cosmetics by Julia Żugaj

    Cosmetics designed by Julia Żugaj are based on the motif of fire, its heat and its energy. That element inspired the influencer to create four exceptionally fiery products. The power of orange colour, impressive shine and astonishing, intensely blue mascara are the embodiment of Julia’s collection. The shades might seem bold and distinctive, but they perfectly match different beauty types.


    Cosmetics by Monika Kociołek

    Monika Kociołek wanted to catch the essence of femininity and close it in her cosmetics. The influencer selected bold shades, such as intensely deep red and unexpected black, making her collection a perfect choice for determined, self-confident women who love to play with makeup and style. Monika complemented the line with a glimmer of shine, hence the shimmering eyeshadows and illuminating makeup base, enriched with pearlescent particles.


    Cosmetics by Patrycja Mołczanow

    Purple has been a colour of the season for more than a while and inspired Patrycja Mołczanow to create a genuinely cosmic collection that reveals the eyeshadow palette, full of purple shades and heavenly sparkle. Apart from the shimmering eyeshadow palette, the influencer created also two spectacularly shiny lip glosses and a face contour palette.


    Makeup cosmetics by TEAM X – what do they all have in common?

    All of the girls from TEAM X have created their unique cosmetics, which reflect their tastes and characters. Although irreplaceable and contrary, the products share some highly advantageous features, so important for all customers.

    All the cosmetics from the TEAM X collection have been designed and manufactured in Poland. The influencers were deeply engaged in this process from the very beginning, including the shade selection. They also visited the laboratory and factory to watch the production process with their own eyes.

    It is not only the outstanding shades of the collection that amaze. The modern design and unique formulas suitable for vegans and never tested on animals also require a mention. The eyeshadow palettes delight with high pigmentation; lipsticks ensure an exceptionally long-lasting effect, whereas lip glosses have a non-sticky formula and draw everyone’s attention thanks to the shimmering finish. The blue mascara provides a hypnotising look, and the makeup base hydrates the skin, which appears beautifully illuminated. All the products have been composed with makeup fans in mind, so their formulations are easy to apply and suitable for different beauty types.

    Each of the TEAM X cosmetics is the outcome of a months-taking collaboration and wide-ranging activities. Their combination led the brand to a huge success.


    If you are a business client and wish to collaborate with Ingrid Cosmetics or Verona Products Professional, the manufacturer, visit the Contact page.