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    Foundation, 30 ml

    EAN: 5902026644068, 5902026644075, 5902026644082, 5902026644099

    Vollaré Cosmetics Silky is a long-lasting moisturising and concealing foundation.

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    Product description

    Perfectly selected ingredients maintain the appropriate level of hydration throughout the day and nourish the skin. Despite the fact that the product provides a natural effect and is imperceptible on the skin, it perfectly masks imperfections. The macadamia and argan oils contained in the product optimally nourish and effectively increase the level of skin elasticity, protecting it against wrinkles.

    How to use: Apply with your fingers, sponge or brush, gently spreading and patting in the product.

    The product is available in 4 shades:

    • 65 Nude

    • 66 Beige

    • 67 Sandy Beige

    • 68 Caramel Beige