Henna Revia Cream for eyebrows black

Henna Revia Cream for eyebrows black

The packaging contains:

  • Tube with cream 15 ml
  • Bootle with 3% activator
  • The spatula for preparation and application of mixture

How to use:

  1. Apply an oily cream around your eyebrows
  2. In a glass vessel intermingle a little amount of cream (about 1 cm) with 10-12 drops of activator with a spatula (mixing ratio 1:1)
  3. Intermingle the cream with an activator until you receive a homogenous and creamy constitency
  4. Apply the mixture on the eyebrows with a spatula
  5. After 10-15 minutes wash haris carefully
  6. Use immediately after preparing the mixture. Do not keep it.
Weight / volume: 
15 ml
Marka (logo): 

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