Verona Products Professional with a GMP certificate

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In July 2017, Verona Products Professional received a prestigious Good Manufacturing Practice certificate (GMP) which emphasises quality and safety of cosmetics production as well as control and proper storage of such products. In order to obtain the certificate, a production company must follow a number of standards and procedures, and implement numerous activities which will improve the company at many levels. Verona intends to use the benefits resulting from holding the certificate to increase sales and to build strength of brands as portrayed by recipients and business partners.
“We are currently undergoing a stage of intense development which is confirmed by the obtained GMP certificate. Quality and safety of products are two of our priorities that we focus on in our daily work. We want all our customers and consumers to be sure that the Verona brands equal to prestige and renown. Currently, our products are widely available in Poland and in 60 other countries worldwide. The obtained certificate will be the key to entering other markets, which will have an impact on further dynamic development of export, among other things”, says Andrzej Kozłowski, President of Verona Products Professional.

Verona Products Professional z certyfikatem GMP

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