Why do we need makeup?

Good make - up should satisfy three basic functions

  • extract and emphasize the beauty,
  • add confidence,
  • make us feel better with ourselves.

Let's face it, that very often it is also an effective lure for men – because they love with their eyes.

How Polish women do make - up?

According to research made on the habits of makeup Polish women shows, that Polish women are not able to do make – up in a correct way, even though 93% of do their make-up every day. Most difficult is the selection of the foundation (80%), 34% of women do not use mascara and 90% do not like pink cheeks. Over 60% of compatriots confess that she likes the most natural make-up and does not apply eye shadows.
We will suggest how to find itself in the world of cosmetics and make-up, how to choose drugstores and how to effectively advise to clients.

What is Academy of Beauty Verona Products Professional?

Taking care of the maintenance of proper business relationships with trading partners we organize free, regular meetings in stores with distributors under the motto ACADEMY OF BEAUTY by VERONA, during which betray the principles of ideal make - up, an effective face, hair, and body care, also an interesting part is an art of using perfumes. The lectures are combined with practice, teaching of: make-up and care with the ability to test our products and competitions...

Why should you join the project Academy of Beauty Verona Products

In today's world, where the shelves are full of different products, competitors prepares detailed strategies to develop their business and the customers have more and more extensive knowledge and higher and higher expectations, it is difficult to sell products effectively. Without professional knowledge, it is impossible to provide the counseling the customers need. We offer you a tool which is a professional customer service, product knowledge and make-up skills.
Expand knowledge of commonly used products (primers, mascara), as well as for professional, used only by the make-up artists, and we will also provide sales arguments.

Benefits for the store (shop)?

Stores gains an expert and professional client advisor. Each of regular meetings will be getting a completed certificate, the outline of pill knowledge and gifts.

  • CERTIFICATE I DEGREE - Consultant Cosmetic (with full knowledge, make - up, color cosmetics, body care, hair coloring, fragrances)
  • CERTIFICATE II DEGREE - Client Advisor Client Advisor (learning proper communication and customer service)
  • CERTIFICATE III DEGREE - Make-up artist

What will be the topics of our meetings?

On the workshop of make - up and facial care, we will discuss the principles of make - up, facial modeling method using a light - shadow, eyebrow correction and modeling technique's eyelids. The analysis will tell you about color, distinguishing between the four types of beauty. Meet the style icons at the turn of the century and make - up styled era. Learn how to differentiate skin types, choose the right cosmetics for face and body. We will learn about the aging process of the skin, the type of skin defects and their an effective correction. We will advise you how to properly color your hair, and how to choose and use perfume.

From Us to You.

Of concern for clients, we give you the knowledge to increase your competence.
We do all this to make Polish women even more beautiful and to teach each and every one of them how to do professional make-up. We give tools in the form of the Academy of Beauty Verona Products Professional

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